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Technology Governance


Trying to manage technology changes within a corporate digital transformation program?  Or having difficulties on getting consistently designed solutions? What do you do when projects are not following standards?

IT Strategy and Planning


Do you need assistance with your enterprise technology strategy? Are the dependencies between your organization’s business initiatives unclear or hard to articulate? What sort of outcome are you looking to achieve?

Agile Architecture


Using Agile doesn’t mean Architecture isn’t needed, or that documentation isn’t necessary; in fact the need for Architecture in an organization that has adopted Agile is very much necessary, especially when leveraging SAFe or DAD

Integration Design Patterns


Integration is still on of the most difficult and complex challenges that organizations face. Complexity, scope-creep and cost inflation often lead to an IT landscape that is complex and hard to maintain and support.

Data Management


Data is an asset. Are you getting the value out of the data you have? Do you have data everywhere, but hard to access? Are you having problems with the quality of data?  Trying to become a data driven organization?

Big Data and Analytics


The world of data warehousing and reporting & analytics will continue to evolve & transform.  How does Big Data fit into your IT landscape? Do you keep both a traditional data warehouse and a Hadoop environment? What are other companies doing?

Complex Solution Design


Does your organization have a large-scale, cross-team project or program that you are about to undertake?  Digital Transformations, ERP Implementations and other Enterprise level applications are complex and require strategic thinking to be successful.

Application Rationalization


Looking to simplify your applications landscape?  How to identify consolidation opportunities? What is the overall health of your application portfolio?

Information Security


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Cloud Adoption


How can your organization transition applications to the Cloud?  What is the right use of Cloud for your organization?  What capabilities do you need to have in place in order to be successful?

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